Raven Nocturne

Lady of Duskweave Keep and Ruler of Isla and Drensdell


Full Name and Title: Lady Raven of Duskweave, Her Highness Queen Raven
Name at birth: Raven Nocturne
Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Raven the Red, Rave, Birdie
Age: 104
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight with mild bisexual tendencies
Race/Ethnicity: Islan corrupted with demonic blood
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 114
Build: Slight yet defined
Eyes: Honey Brown
Hair: Jet Black
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: extensive whip markings crisscrossing her lower back; burn scars upon the backs of her thighs; brand upon her right shoulder; Both Ears pierced multiple times
Languages spoken: Islen, Anglish, Valravn, other unknown
Current Relationship Status: Married – Alabaster von Drachenberg
Family: Ashturon Nocturne(Brother)
Marron Afriel Nocturne (Adopted Son)
Asha von Drachenberg (Step-Son)
Ivarr von Drachenberg (Step-Son)
Ossian Bryson (Adopted Son)
Theme song (if any): Angelzoom – Fairyland


A member of the once-feared F.B.C., Raven worked her way from a common woman to nobility with the threats of blood, violence, and pain. Once known as Raven the Red, she and her ‘sister’ in pain, Medivah, held the lands in check by their names alone. Now that time has passed and the F.B.C. has weakened and broken apart, war reigns to tear apart all of Isla. Returning to her lands, Raven is once again is trying to unite the Islen people under one name and one name alone: hers.

Raven is a devout (and highly favoured) follower of Morrighan. Duskweave Keep has been opened to Morrighan’s people, the Valravn, as a home and base for the otherwise-nomadic tribe. The Islen people have come to accept and, in some cases, revere the Valravn for who they represent and follow.

Raven Nocturne

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