Northern Kings is the title of a collaborated storyline/RP hosted by King Tarou and Ravenbran. The story focuses on a variety of key characters and features several subplots. Though cameos by the characters can be given to others outside the story, the main plot and subplots are closed; entry is given by invitation only.

Drensdell, a kingdom spanning across two seas, half of a mountain range and several states, is ruled by K├Ânig Alabaster von Lugh. As the human-born grandson of Lugh — the God of the Sun — he has held the throne for over 200 years and has successfully lead Drensdell through one war and well on its way to glory and prosperity. He was briefly dethroned by an usurper named Switchblade, who, through inexperience and irrationality, allowed the capital city of Drachenberg to nearly burn to the ground in a mere seven years. Now that Switchblade is dead and Alabaster is rethroned, Drachenberg and Drensdell are hard on their way to rebuilding.

Isla is located to the north and west of the Drensdell; it is a country currently laden with turmoil. After the death of it’s last true king, the land was left with no apparent heir. Throwing themselves into a war for the vacant throne, the nobles of the land are in a constant state of battle, political scheming and backstabbing; spies are plentiful and treachery and betrayal have become commonplace. Rising above the rest in the chaos and violence was Lady Raven Nocturne, a commoner turned noble, extinguishing rebellion in an effort to calm the land and unify the Islen people under one crown. An uneasy peace is starting to creep across the countryside, though there are still those who oppose her rule and would rather see another sit on the throne – usually themselves.

Please note the information on this site is public in-character information. These are things that outlying officials or peasents of these lands would already know; in-game “truth” may be different or contradictory to what you read here.

Northern Kings: The Vale of Tears

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